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Dj Kash (Honk Kong, Paris, Guangzhou)

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Twenty-eight years old, with an unparalleled passion for music, Kash has been moving dance-floors around the globe for over 10 years.
Influenced from childhood by Soul, Pop Rock and Funk, Kash developed an eclectic ear and a wide knowledge of musical styles that allows him to adapt his performance to any situation: nightclubs, private parties, music festivals and events (Boutique and Art Gallery Openings, Trade Shows, Runway ‘Haute Couture’ shows...).
Besides his work as a DJ, Kash possesses diverse talents: he is a producer and a columnist, traveling the world from Paris to New York, from Marrakech to Hong Kong. His varied abilities allow him to collaborate with the top international DJs throughout the world.
Widely known for his musical productions for the Dance Floor, he adapts to the most current trends.  Kash’s vinyl series "Hot Bounce" was number 1 in France, distributed throughout Europe and requested around the world: Los Angeles, London, New York, Hong Kong.... Today, all his eagerly awaited and coveted productions can be found on every musicdownload or can be heared on many DJ radio sets.
Because of his wide geographical and musical reach, in 2007 Kash took over a monthly column in the magazine "Only For DJs".  In its pages, he reports on the most recent releases in the industry: Compilations, Vinyls, Mixtapes...
With his charisma and dynamic shows, Kash draws a greater following each year.  A perfectionist, his performance harmonizes music with technique.  After every appearence, the clubs can't wait to bring him back for another seductive night.

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